Friday 25 May 2012

I've got sunshine on a rainy day

Happy Friday one and all. So how's the week been?

Things have been hectic here, busy busy with fun and interesting client work. I'm blessed. You know, I still have to pinch myself that it's less than 2 years since I said goodbye to corporate life and threw myself onto the roller coaster yet again - can't believe it!

My dining room table was a fun and messy place to be yesterday, with fabric and paint swatches strewn all over the place as I played with pulling together delicious and enticing pallettes for my clients - perhaps my favourite part of this job. Hours pass, I forget to eat - and I might get a teeny wee bit obsessed with finding exactly the right colour or pattern, or combo of both!

Which leads me to my point ....


Slowing life down was a big part of this whole change, mid-life 're-appraisal', call it what you will! I didn't give up what I was doing before and risk disappearing into professional oblivion just to repeat the pattern of 'gotta be amazing, gotta give it my all', always at the cost of my energy and own inner peace.



So no matter how much I love what I now do - and you KNOW how much I love it - I know I still need to make sure I take time to stop and smell the roses, well my version of that anyway. So these photos that I wanted to share with you today are my version of that famous old cliche ....



Looking through my camera lens at a flower as intricate and beautiful as the Bird of Paradise, as close as I can get, makes time stand still. How can I not feel joy when I see the colours, textures and shapes of this marvellous little part of our universe?



They're not roses.

And they don't smell.

But they are my sunshine on a rainy day like today.


Til next time,



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