Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I feel good and so does my client!

Hi everyone,

Greetings from a sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy, altogether beautiful Bris-Vegas.  What's news?  What's been happening in your part of the world lately? 

Lately for me, design-wise, it's all been about finishing touches - the hardest part of any design project, I think, is the last 5%!  So it's finally time to share my most enjoyable work of the year so far, which was the refurb of the reception area and office space at my chiropractor in the city, Andrew Vincent Chiropractic. 

After my regular adjustment one day, what started as a simple question about which carpet the team at AV Chiro should go for turned into a full-blown project to revamp the whole office look.  I was SO glad that a new look was planned - I had wanted to say for AGES that I though the office was a wee bit tired and not really reflective of the practice and their great brand & reputation.

Apart from anything else, I couldn't wait to get rid of those saggy cushions - not a good advert for a chiropractor's office!

Before ....

The one thing that was staying was the reception desk, so with it's distinctive timber finish, the scheme had to start from there ....

What about this, I say to the team ...

No, too close to what we already have, they said.  And I agreed, I just wanted to give 2 options ;-)

Ok, so how about this for a brand new look? 

Now we're talking.  WE LOVE IT, they said.

Me too, but what about a bit more life, to really tie in the veneer on the desk?

SOLD!  And here is the result ....

Check out this pic then scroll back up to the first one - big improvement?

Spot the details ....

The team at AV Chiro are a lively and fun bunch, so I knew they'd go for the humour of the "I Feel Good" fabric for the round ottomans (which I grabbed for $40 from a secondhand hotel furniture dealer).  I couldn't be happier with these - might consider making them for sale!

And wonderful Grace Garrett fabrics from Emily Ziz liven up the scheme with Bamboo Poles (which reminded the chiros of a cross-section of spinal bones!!) in Silt and Sulphur.   Same design as my bathroom wallpaper in a smaller scale.

I designed the cushions and had them custom-made to provide firm spinal support when you're sitting on the ottomans, which themselves were re-upholstered in a shimmery teal fabric. 

The red-orange wall in the outside corridor - which the poor girls on reception had to look at all day - was painted out in Dulux Duck Egg Blue.  It's incredibly calming.

And thanks to the amazing guys at Commex for the final touch - the silver lettering on the reception desk - no more pebbles!

Love my job!

Til next time,

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What a difference new floor, walls, tiles, paint and a skylight make

Hello, hello everyone.

Heavens to Murgatroyd, it's been AGES since my last post!  In the past few months, I have spent wonderful and memory-packed times with family over here from Scotland, completed two really fun design jobs, worked Saturday mornings at Masters North Lakes as a Colour Consultant for Wattyl and started a second small business (more on that much later). 

Never a dull moment - wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had one :-)

Sooooo, there have been a few photos here and there on my new FB page - Nicola Duncan Designs - of the new bathroom, but to round it all off, I thought I'd share some of the before and after shots that I commissioned from my friendly real estate photographer Todd.

Here you go ....

On the left, original 50s styling!  On the right: ceramic floor tile by Complete Tiles & Stone, Shower Exposure Rail System 2 by Methven, Feature mosaic 'Carnival' from Classic Ceramics, Basin bench Caesarstone Osprey, Taps by Grohe, Basin & WC both reclaimed, Underbench drawer, stool & medicine cabinet - all vintage finds.

Bamboo Poles wallpaper in Horizon Blue by Grace Garrett, available from  Wall-hung loo brush & holder from Argent, loo also has soft-closing lid (which means I slam every other toilet lid I use!)


My splurge, Muse wall light from Axo. It's a wire frame with a soft fabric cover - looks like a sea urchin!  Wall storage/cabinet is concealed behind the Michael Murphy image, with a mirror on the inside of the door.

Things I love most? 
 - the new skylight: it floods this small space with natural light, all for less than $500
 - the shower stall: it's huge and I now have a place to put my foot to shave my legs
 - the cabinet that's concealed behind the Michael Murphy print (btw, I bought this print, asked the artist Michael if I could reproduce it on the cabinet door, and the amazing chaps at Commex scanned the artwork and printed it directly onto the door)
 - my splurge: I put this light on every morning while I have my shower
 - and the surprise you get when you turn around and see the wallpaper.

Thanks for reading/looking!  Hope you enjoyed.

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