Thursday 31 January 2013

Organised office on a teeny weeny budget

Greetings everyone and happy 2013!

More than a mental health necessity than a resolution, I've made the most of the quieter work times that are inevitable in January and well and truly whipped my office into shape for what promises to be a busy year ahead.

On a ridiculously tiny budget, I might add.  And for a 3m x 3m room, I'm pretty impressed with what I can fit in - 2 desks, built-in storage, file cart and 2 sets of shelving. 

So here are some pics and hopefully some ideas you might find useful and thrifty!

In a small space, I'm a big fan of getting stuff up off the floor and work surfaces.  This handy little shelf cost just $19 at Masters and was super-easy to mount, though it has to be said I am getting pretty handy with the drill these days!

I don't like to waste money buying containers for things, it's much more cost effective and interesting to use what's already around the house, or as I did here, pop down to your local op shop and see what you can pick up - the 2 glass containers here were 50c each.

For your space to work, it's good to know what kind of bod you are, e.g. to feel organised, I really need to see everything.  If it's not in front of me, I totally forget about it!  This Ribba picture ledge from Ikea ($15) works well for that - I simply screwed the Bygel kitchen rail ($4) underneath, so I can hang my 'to do' paperwork from the hooks ($1.50).  Love the old compass I picked up on my trip to the op shop.

And how about this for a great way to store wrapping paper?  I love collecting paper, but haven't been able to figure out FOR AGES how to display my faves.  These rings came from Bunnings, in the plumbing section, and cost just $6 for 10. 

Best buys for keeping stuff sorted (left to right) were this mobile file cart from OfficeWorks ($97), wall-mounted containers from Ikea (3 sizes for just $12.99), a carboard file drawer from the op shop (just 15 bucks) and the old faithful Ikea Expedit that has been with me for years.  I've done a bit of a hack here, by adding drawers to the underside of the top cubes and since I lost the handles in one of many moves, I've discovered that a bit of ribbon works just as well.

So here it is from every angle ....

Boring old door adorned with a beautiful Japanese obi (kimono sash)


I always try and create a mix of open and closed storage - gotta see what I've got!

Desk - ebay - 99c!!!!!

Desk - existing but was too big, so I sawed the top in half

Right, which room's next? 

Til next time,