Wednesday 20 June 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Just time for a quick post on a fun project I did yesterday.

While my tastes might change constantly and I might ooh and aah over very different things from one week to the next, even one day to the next, there are definitely 2 constants for me when it comes to decorating:

1. Why spend more than you have to?

2. Personalise, personalise, personalise.

Which is why I love Ikea hacking! Yes, buy budget, but don't let your home look like everyone else's who shops at the big blue and yellow shed.

So here's what I did with a $14.99 mirror known as RAM (don't you love some of those Ikea names?)


And yes, those are pages from my old Dulux paint colour fan deck ....


I stuck them all the way round the boring timber frame, roughly following the colour wheel to give it a more seamless affect.


And you can just see here that I also stuck contrasting colours on the back of each strip - that way you can see colours reflected in the mirror as well.

Apart from the look, it's fun to do my hair or makeup in front of this mirror and notice the names of the colours - like Hot Lips or Fluffy Duck. Makes me smile!

For more fun ways to personalise your Ikea furniture, check out Ikea hackers and This is My Ikea.

Have a great week, everyone!

Til next time, Nx