Friday, 14 October 2011

Freedom Friday

Today was one of those days that reminds me how blessed I am to live the life I do.  After a busy week of work, today there were no deadlines, no house-hunting hassles (at last!) ... in fact I was free to do whatever I wanted. 

Photo by me

And what better way to start the day than by watching the first in the new series of Grand Designs that I  recorded last night.  I think Kevin gets more and more entertaining as the years go on - he is so sharp and tells it like he sees it, but always with a smile!  How I wish I was going to Grand Designs Live down in Sydney in late October - anyone going to make it along?

Martha gets in on the act - as per usual!

Then it was off to visit the Parry & Williams (Upholsterers) showroom with two of my fellow Interior Design Decorators, followed by a spot of lunch and a chat to cap off a great morning.  (You'll see the result of what I picked up at Parry & Williams for a song at a later date ... )

Another photo by me, minus the cat this time

Then just enough time before the weekend officially kicks off to think about writing a blog post.  But what to write about?  What photos to post?  Decision made as I spot my latest purchase which I love, love, love.  This Freedom side table looks good enough on its own (how much do I love teal) ....

Stencil Occasional Table in Teal from Freedom, $49.95, also available in Orange and (yellow) Green

But what about when you team it with the neighbour's bougainvillea?  POW!  A colour combo good enough to eat.

The bougainvillea just hangs over the fence ... honest ...

I really enjoyed Freedom Friday.  It was my kind of day.  What's yours?

Til next time, Nx

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