Friday, 21 October 2011

The colour of my week

You know how it goes, sometimes the universe gives you a nudge.  Then when you don't listen, it nudges you just a little bit harder.  Then if you're still not listening .... well, you were warned ....

One of mine taken in Scotland earlier this year

I happen to be studying Colour Psychology at the moment and one of two colours we spent time on this week was Yellow-Orange.   Along with its next of kin on the colour wheel, Yellow, this is not a colour I've loved in the past, or used extensively in any of my homes.  But lately it's been popping up on my colour radar more and more, demanding some attention.

via Apartment Therapy

 So what did I learn about this colour this week?  I learnt it is associated with abundance, amongst other things, but that word 'abundance' is the part of this week's lesson that resonated with me the most. 

(And by the way, I'm not sticking to all Yellow-Orange images in this post - I'm making room for all sorts of Yellows ....)

Gold Coast apartment building

Abundance is something I am blessed to appreciate in my life every single day.  But lately there's been a little gremlin lurking around, one that relates to perhaps the most tangible aspect of abundance - money.  It's been on my mind, worrying me just a little.

Detail from the astounding Grand Palace in Bangkok

Hardly surprising really - a total career change, from a very-comfortably-off-thank-you-very-much leadership consultant to a rookie interior designer, will do that to you.  This week's lesson on Yellow-Orange struck such a chord with me that I realised this little gremlin needs dealing with - he's been getting me down, holding me back, stopping me from launching into things that I am yearning to do creatively.  I've been second-guessing if these creative pursuits will make me any money, if they will keep me afloat.

Taken from Livingetc, May 2010 - this lives in my 'dream home' file

Then Jonathan Cainer pipes up with his say.  I don't tend to read my horoscope much, but since a very dear friend of mine has been sharing hers with me over the past few weeks, I was intrigued enough to check mine out this week.

Kangaroo Paw from my garden
And I quote for Wednesday:
"For love, we do all kinds of crazy things.  And for money?  The same applies.  Is it because we need to?  Is it because we want to?  Or is it simply in our desperation to obtain one or the other, we abandon and lower our intelligence.  That would be most ironic, especially as we would be far more likely to attract those qualities into our lives by manifesting confidence rather than acquiescence.  You won't compromise your state of emotional or financial well-being by being yourself today."

Graham and Brown 'Stretch' wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

And Thursday goes something like this -
"You are soon to be better off.  Your finances may not improve automatically, you may have to put in some serious effort, but at least you will have the opportunity to make that effort.  A door will open.  A chance will arise.  If you are encountering difficulty, it could only really be for one reason: because you are allowing yourself to be motivated by fear rather than inspiration."

Another detail from the Grand Palace

I would like to let go, to free myself from being motivated by fear, and allow myself to be motivated by inspiration.  And having come to that conclusion, the universe has now presented me with an opportunity to give it a go ....

Turns out that my car, which I can no longer start because the ignition is worn and the key won't turn, is going to cost me a bank-account-clearing $1100 to get back on the road.  Sharp intake of breath ....

... but still here, still me and still a very wealthy woman, in oh-so-many ways.

Til next time, Nx


Kerry said...

Hey Nic. I love fact it's part of my business name. And I hear you about abundance. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever read was that if you focus on abundance your life will be abundant. If you focus on lack, your life will be lacking. It sounds to me like you've got the right approach :)

Mimi said...

Hi Nic,

Love reading your blog, you have so much wealth of knowledge to give, I love talking to you my new friend! See you next week! Same time same place!

PS I went to a coffee shop yesterday. The walls are painted red-orange, I really am embracing this colour!
Mimi xx

Dan said...

karen and i have also experienced the infiltration of yellows and oranges into our life - our new house has yellow walls, our logo is an orange sunrise etc, etc; and the whole notion of 'abundance and joy' and that there is more in the universe than we can ever want or imagine - and not the world of fear and scarcity - has been so liberating! so liberating in fact that i want it all for myself before anyone else takes it all.

sorry, just lapsing into old habits...again.