Thursday, 1 September 2011

The promise of what's to come ...

It's September 1 and Spring has sprung!

Of course we could get into lengthy discussions about why Australia marks the seasons with the first day of certain months, and why it's not about the solstice and equinox Down Under, or the recently read (and quite fascinating) fact that "in Australia, there are five named and identified seasons in the Kimberley, six in the Darwin/Kakadu area and the Wik people of Cape York have eight".

Be that as it may, there's no doubt whatsoever that today is a beautiful day here in Brisbane and standing out in my backyard with the sun on my face conjures up all the notions that Spring brings with it.

Like blowing away the cobwebs, real and metaphorical, and opening up our windows to light and fresh air ....

An interior from Kevin McCloud's Choosing Colours

Of decluttering, getting rid of what we no longer need (responsibly of course) and organising ourselves to tackle the start of a new phase in our lives ....

One of many fantastic shot's from Apartment Therapy's Hot House tour of Kelly Reemtsen's LA loft apartment & studio.  Delicious photos by Vanessa Stump

Or not!

From Moroccan Interiors

A bit of  'spring cleaning' perhaps ...

I have now discovered Kelly Reemtsen's very cool art thanks to the Hot House tour above.  I'm pretty sure this is called Cleaning is Addictive (photo from Kelly's website). 

And a chance to brighten up our homes with fresh colours and patterns ....

Fabric and a vintage thermos - my best holiday buys from Rumah Bebe in Singapore.  The drink bottle caused some problems at airport security until I eventually poured out the contents!

So now's the time to get that outdoor space looking good for summer ....

Entry #7 in the Re-nest Small Cool Outdoor Spaces contest

And get those summer dresses and shorts out of storage ....

Taken from Pattern by Orla Kiely

But don't forget - most importantly of all - Spring is the perfect time to stop and look around us, in our gardens or nearest green spaces, the time to really take notice of what nature is up to.

The promise of what's to come ......

A budding yellow Kangaroo paw - taken in my backyard on the 'first day of Spring'!

Happy September 1 everyone.

Til next time, Nx


Anya adores said...

I am loving that spring has sprung - these pictures say it all - lovely :O9 Have a nice spring'y weekend.

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful images... my summer is still going strong!

Felicity said...

Fresh, fun and fabulous!
Three of my favourite 'F' words and all of them popped out at me as I read this ode to spring today.

I love the way that you provoked my thinking about the seasons - there is a lot to be said about being more connected to the natural world as those in the 'Top End' would be - nevermind I'm happy that we're officially into my favourite season no matter what we call it or when it starts.

Thank you for the links too, I've had lots of fun following the trails.
Now to get back to tidying my office - springing off to do that now!

Happy day Lovely,

xx Felicity