Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to primary ....

Last night, unable to find anything worth watching on the ridiculous number of channels I can access with my remote, I started to wonder ...

"Why do I even have a television?"  

With yesterday's inspiring words from A Tranquil Townhouse (about making reading a priority) ringing in my ears, auctioning off my TV on ebay started to feel like a really good idea and ... imagine being able to design & decorate a house without having to find the right place for the big black box!

Then I stumbled across a little gem on the Studio channel and even though the idea of getting rid of my TV still has some appeal, I am really glad I did ...

Yellow 1999 (via marcovanlenten)

Years ago I stumbled across some works by an artist called Anish Kapoor - I must have been at an exhibition somewhere in the UK in the 80s or 90s, though I can't recall exactly where or when.

A Thousand Names collection (though I have also seen this listed As If To Celebrate) 1987
(via C4gallery)

It was love at first sight. I had never seen anyone use colour (pure colour, i.e. pigment itself) like this ....

A Thousand Names collection (via hildadeschutter)

 It took my breath away.

A Thousand Names collection (via urbantaster)

And still does.

A Wing At The Heart Of Things (this was in the Tate Modern the last time I was there - AMAZING!)
(via British Council)

 It was pure joy to watch the one-hour special last night ....

Not sure on the title of this one, could also be from A Thousand Names collection
(via anishkapoorinbrighton)

To revisit works I'd seen ....

Untitled 1990
(via nouveauricheclothing)

 And so many others I hadn't ....

Yellow 1999 (via marcovanlenten)

 Oh my.

Til next time, Nx


Kerry said...

Hey Nic. Thanks for the link love :) Of course I would never advocate the complete removal of TV watching...all things in moderation I say! Although I don't have access to pay TV...maybe I need to think about getting it after seeing these beautiful images! I especially love Yellow. Maybe there's a book ;)

Claudia said...

Hey Nicola, how are you? Hope you are enjoying Brisbane & your new career. I'm loving your blog - it's great! Have you heard of Dale Chihuly? He's an artist who works with glass - AMAZING colours. Check out his website, his light installation are fantastic - I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Take Care. Luv Claudia XOXO