Friday, 24 February 2012

Try a night on these tiles ....

Happy Friday one and all.  How's your week been? 

I've been here and there and around and about this week, and on my travels, both virtual and otherwise, I've been sourcing all sorts of essential items for the impending (and I say that with a suitable amount of dread) bathroom renovation.

One of the fun parts for me though (what do you mean you don't find cisterns and associated plumbing fun, I hear you say) is looking at tiles.  You may have noticed, I'd pretty much put colour and pattern on anything, and everything, and oh my goodness, are there some STUNNING tiles out there to get my creative juices flowing. 

Little Diamond Mix in Tropics Blue from the Dwell Patterns collection - a superb collaboration between Heath Ceramics and Dwell Media
This one is slap bang in the middle of my inspiration board for the bathroom.  I love it's mid-century feel and the colour is exactly the same as the pool that you can see from the bathroom window, so it's perfect.  A real classic from the ever splendid Heath Ceramics.

Not quite bathroom material (I wouldn't want to try and keep it clean), but what about this slice of loveliness from the prolific and amazing Patricia Urquiola ....

Bas Relief brilliance from Patricia Urquiola - buy Patchwork Cipria here

Is there anything this woman can't design beautifully?  This tile is even better in real life - it's totally touchable and looks amazing as a wall feature.

Fired Earth are always worth a look for some inspiration - Kevin McCloud does paint colours for them, so they must be awesome.  Here's one of my fave tile shots from their website ....

Granada by Fired Earth
I love the Moroccan feel of these tiles, but they're sharp and modern enough to go anywhere without feeling too ethnic. 

There's even a tile out there for art lovers - check out these baby mosaics from Via Arkadia and see if you can spot the Pop Art pics ....

MultiColor Mosaic from Via Arkadia

Yes, that's Andy Warhol you've spotted.  I saw these in a magazine a few years ago now and fell instantly in lust.  Outrageously expensive, but if you had the cash, why wouldn't you?  And of course I can't leave the outrageously expensive mosaic topic without a Bisazza shot ....

Shaded blends by Bisazza - buy here

There's a lot more experimentation with texture happening in the tile world right now, which I'm really liking the look (and feel) of ....

Klolo - seen at Academy Tiles, Sydney

And when is a tile not a tile?  When it's a screen, of course ....

Bamboo Screen - also Academy Tiles

To finish off our tile tour, let's go out and out glam, shall we?  These Karim Rashid tiles are just crazy beautiful ....

Revolution ceramic tiles by Karim Rashid - buy here - photo via here

And finally let's add some glitz to the glam ....

Rumi - also Academy Tiles

And that pretty much covers the sheer loveliness I've been stumbling across on my search for the perfect tile.

Ah no, not quite, I nearly forgot!  Too much effort to tile?  Worried you'll get tired of your tile?  Not to worry, just wallpaper instead ....

Paper Tiles wallpaper by Louise Body

That's it from me this week.  May your weekend be delicious and may it please please please stop raining .... !

Til next time,

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Felicity said...

The first ones!
The first ones!
Oh how I do adore the first ones!

Hope you find the ones that truly make your heart sing as a bathroom can be such a special space in a home.

Happy weekend Lovely!