Friday, 16 December 2011

Rain on the caravan roof - Part 2

So, can a caravan really be an object of desire? 

As if Byron Bay wasn't cool enough - why not stay in one of these at the Atlantic?

It can if it's an Airstream!  This is the caravan that I have on my wishlist and one day I'll roam the countryside or park myself somewhere in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in one of these beauties.

Originating in 1930s California, the Airstream was developed from original designs by a guy called Bowlus,
who also happened to be the head designer of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St Louis

So called for their aerodynamic shape, the Airstream is a thing of utter beauty to me.  Since my caravanning holidays as a little girl, I have always been fascinated by the interior design of the mini home-away-from-home.

(found on Google images - sorry, lost the thread!)

It's the ultimate design challenge - how do you fit everything you need for weeks or months on the road into such a tiny space?

Really smart thinking is how.  And stacks of ingenuity.  Nothing in such a compact space can have only one purpose, so your table has to fold away to become the base of your bed, and everything you sit on must also serve as storage. 

(lost the thread of these ones too ... oops)

I just love the cleverness of it.  Then add the styling, detailing and retro cool of the Airstream exterior ....

Um .... I am dying of coolness overload here, or as a lovely blogger bud of mine would say - hooley dooley!
Who the heck knew Fritz Hansen had designed an Airstream - and a Mini to tow it?  Check them out here

.... and you have another deserving winner of the coveted William Morris award:

                                                          BEAUTIFUL and USEFUL.

Til next time, Nx


Kerry said...

Nic, have you seen the book My Cool Caravan? You'd love it. I did a post on it once if you're interested

Sarah V @ Prairie Hive said...

LOVE airstreams! great images here. :)

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