Friday, 11 November 2011

Texture Tour

I'm still recovering from moving house, so what better way to ease back into blogging than to get the old holiday snaps out again and finish my trio of tours. Just in case you missed the other two, here are Colour and Pattern, but today it's all about Texture.

There's something about the word texture and its many meanings that I really connect with. 

I feel as if, for life to be interesting, for it to stretch us and grow us, it's got to have texture, and stacks of it.  We have to "take the rough with the smooth" and weave our own way through "life's rich tapestry".

Detail from Temple of Apollo by Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay at Jupiter Artland

Texture adds warmth and depth to a space or place, and so often tells a story. 

Snuff Cottage, Culross

You can see texture, but you can also feel it.

Clay Tree Wall by Andy Goldsworthy at Jupiter Artland

My favourite interiors, and artworks, have those elements that make you want to reach out and touch them.

And it wasn't deliberate, but apart from 2 of these images (and I'm sure you can guess which 2!), my choices for the Texture Tour are all from my native Scotland.

No particular reason, maybe it's because I know it so well that I tend to look closer and notice the beautfiul details.

Like the lichen on the rocks, or this fence railing at the cemetery overlooking Loch Leven ...

But it doesn't really matter where we are.  

Texture is all around us, adding beauty and interest.

The trick is remembering to stop and take notice.  Our own little tapestry will be all the richer for it.

Til next time, Nx

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Mimi said...

Always taking notice of beautiful places and things. Beautiful photos, love the thistle. Enjoy your weekend in your new home. Mimi xx