Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Long weekend, simple pleasures

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Just a short post to wish you all a great week and share a few simple things that made me happy over the long weekend - other than the simple fact of it being a long weekend, that is!

Lately I've taken to baking a lot more.  Other than loving the smell of fresh cookies or cakes wafting around the house, it makes me truly happy to create and taste these delicacies.  In the last couple of years I've learnt that I'm not only gluten, but also lactose intolerant (and at times sugar and yeast intolerant as well).  Add in the fact that I'm already a vegetarian, and well, you can imagine just how limited my diet is.  Thank goodness for hummus!

So, there's nothing like picking out a recipe from Seriously Good! Gluten-Free baking by Phil Vickery to get me loving my food again:

This brioche wasn't a great success (didn't rise quite as much as it should have), but I had fun taking photos while it was still warm and crumbling.  I was trying to follow some of the tips that I learnt from Shannon Fricke at her Styling workshop, such as taking a few petals off the flower and spreading them around, and making the food look as if it had already had a bite taken out of it (which it had, actually!)

I'm no food stylist, that's for sure (or someone who irons tablecloths, apparently!) and I would love a digital SLR camera that takes shots indoors that aren't grainy, but this was lots of fun to do!

These last two photos made me smile inside and out, and made me laugh too.  Sometimes you can spend ages fiddling about trying to get a photo right, then other times you're just walking past and the shot's right there ...

For those who haven't met her, this is Martha (or Princess Martha if you want her full title and status in the household).

See you later in week everyone. Nx


Kerry said...

Martha poses much better than my vampire slayer! That loaf looks fantastic. I was looking at some flowers I had the other day and noticed a few petals had fallen, so of course I left them there. That Shannon's got a lot to answer for :)

A Room For Everyone said...

Princess Martha is gorgeous! The loaf looks pretty good too.. Rachaelxx

Anya adores said...

MArtha is soo gorgeous - I love cats they are soo chilled. Also adore how you aspire to be a design guru - me too:) And I thought your pictures were awesome
Have a great week,
A xx

Mimi said...

You have done a spectular job on your loaf and great photography. Princess Martha looks extremely cozy. Mimi x

Ms Chef said...

Baking looks great! I'm not up to scratch on the food photography yet - doesn't help I have an ugly bench top not conducive to pics! I'm going to take a look at the Styling website you referred to, to get some tips.